SENTRY Patrol Light Machine Gun PLMG

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SENTRY Patrol Light Machine Gun PLMG

SENTRY 5.56mm NATO Patrol Light Machine Gun PLMG. The SENTRY is a lighter weight closed bolt, magazine fed alternative to the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon. A 150 round DRUM capacity gives the operator a light weight suppressive fire capability. The additional SEMI AUTO fire control setting allows for more pinpoint target selection and engagement if needed. Standard equipment for this weapon system is the ELCAN M145 LMG sight with a lighted reticle, spiked bi pod feet, back up iron sights. Spare barrels are available in 14.5", 16.5" and 20". The butt stock is retractable for operator adjustment. Sound suppression is optional. Cyclic rate of fire is 800 - 1000 rpm. The SENTY PLMG enhances small unit capabilities giving the operator the ability to deliver a higher volume of suppresive fire on target thus multiplying unit effectiveness.

Restricted Law Enforcement / Government Use Only

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