LRM-2 / Team Operations

LRM-2 / Team Operations

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LRM Course 2 / Team Operations

American Firearms Manufacturing Company, LLC. Small Arms Training Division AFM/SATD will be conducting courses of instruction titled Long Range Marksman (LRM) 1-4. This state of the art precision long range marksmanship and operational training is relevant to the modern Military, Police and civilian long range marksman or sniper. These courses are an evolution stemming from decades of real world experience and research in the sniper trade. AFM/SATD instructors are highly skilled and experienced individuals that have not just attended and instructed at DoD sniper schools. They have scientifically approached and taken the craft to a higher level of professionalism and effectiveness. The search to increase an ever expanding body of knowledge never ends and is a dynamic process by which the LRM student continues to develop and deploy a very perishable set of skills. LRM2 deals with the duties of both shooter and observer working in unison allowing the LRM team to achieve the highest probability of a first round hit at extended ranges (1000m) and under any conditions, with a light sniper rifle (7.62mm NATO/.308 WIN).

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